Femoral nerve blocks of elder patients with hip fractures

Hip fractures are not infrequent and often result in untreated pain or large quantities of opioid administration. Certain effective methods havebeen applied  for pain control in  handling  the  hip fracture.Ultrasound has also been opted to improve the efficiency and accuracy of femoral nerve blocks with an added benefit of reducing the volume of local anaesthetics utilized compared to landmark technique.Scientists recommends a physician for performing ultrasounds and guidance for femoral nerve blocks for the effective pain management and control,.This would decrease the dependency on opioid and potentially reduces the need for medication induced delirium.

patients with hip fractures
hip fractures

This manuscript is a miniature review and has been conducted at an academic medical center. We searched the current literature available on Cocharane Database and PubMed using combinations of the terms, “ultrasound guided”, “femoral nerve block”, “threein- one nerve block”, “hip fracture”, “femoral fracture”, “elderly”, “elder”, “delirium”, and “pain control.” Authors are emergency medicine physicians with experience in emergency ultrasound.


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