Risk factors associated with stroke in patients

Myotonic dystrophy type 1 is a rare autosomal dominant disorder with highly variable phenotypic expression. Patients who are suffering from diabetes mellitus and arrhythmias are at high risk factors of stroke. However, the mechanism of stroke is poorly understood by the scientists among patients of Diabetes mellitus. The results indicate that it is important to manage risk factors for stroke, especially cardiac involvement with arrhythmias.

stroke in patients
Doctor and an Elderly Patient

DM1 is a multisystem disorder associated with myotonia, progressive distal weakness/atrophy of skeletal muscles, cataracts, and systemic manifestations. In fact, DM1 is often complicated by dyslipidemia, arrhythmias, or abnormal glucose tolerance which are risk factors for stroke. However, the pathomechanism of stroke in patients with DM1 has not been well established or assessed.


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