Influence of human health in Nepal

Nepal is considered as one of the climate change reclined country in the world. Its geophysical and socioeconomic conditions have encoded exposure of the country to drought, earthquake, epidemic, fire, flood, forest fire, landslide and other climate related events that affects human and animal health, injuries and quality of life.However, the relationship between climate change and health of Nepal allowed discussing about the main routes of potential impact and certain health problems in Nepal.

Influence of human health in Nepal
Human health in Nepal

Climate change is one of the biggest global health challenges of the 21st century and a growing public health threat. Human beings are exposed to climate change directly through changing weather patterns (more intense and frequent extreme events) and indirectly through changes in quality of water, air, food quality and quantity, ecosystems, agriculture, livelihoods and infrastructure. However, the effects of climate change differs on the basis of health vulnerability assessments that focus on understanding population sensitivity to the effects of specific exposures, measuring the ability to respond to and recover from these effects of climate.

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