Prevention for Diabetes-Related Foot Problems?

Diabetes related foot problems are one of the complications leading to poor quality of life, hospitalization, disability, economic burden and mortality. Patients’ self-management of diabetes need support from health providers. Patient education and follow-up are important elements of communication for health providers.

This case control study compares 199 diabetes patients with diabetes-related foot problems (cases) and those without (196 controls) to find out whether the acquired knowledge or the follow up visits to the Family Health Centers prevent foot problems.

Diabetes-Related Foot Problems

The results suggest that being on insulin therapy, forgetting to take medication and reduced attendance to the health care center are risks for foot problems. Although the level of knowledge acquired is satisfactory, there is a gap between knowledge level and attitude / practice. A relative high knowledge did not have impact on reduction of obesity or glycosylated hemoglobin (A1C). Some knowledge items such as risk related to diabetes complications need to be stressed on. The education of people with diabetes needs to address more knowledge gaps and to link to patients’ attitudes and practices.


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