Genetic Paradigm in Orthodontics

Orthodontics, the oldest discipline of dental specialty concerns with the treatment of malocclusion both dental and skeletal. Although etiology of malocclusion is multifactorial, genes do have influence on this condition, beside their role in mechanism of tooth movement and unwanted sequel like external root resorption following orthodontic treatment. This short communication will focus the issue on role of gene in various conditions which have paramount effٴect either on the etiology of malocclusion or mechanism by which tooth movement occurs. Human genome project and future advancement in genomic medicine will help us in clear identification of conditions causing mutation and the unsolved zigzag puzzle of molecular interaction can be solved.

Genetic Paradigm in Orthodontics

Нe word orthodontics has evolved from Greek word, “orthos” meaning right or correct, and “dons” meaning tooth. НLs is the first bonafide dental specialty that concerns with the management and treatment of malocclusion. Malocclusion in strict sense does not represent any disease; rather it is a variation from, what is considered normal/ideal. It was rightly said by Jackson that orthodontics is a “science of LnfinLte variations”. Etiology of malocclusion is multifactorial; having specLfic causes viz. any disturbances during embryonic period, fetal molding and birth trauma, any childhood fracture of jaw, muscle dysfunction, Acromegaly, hemimandibular hyperplasia and developmental disturbances of dentition.


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