Mycobacterium tuberculosis- In Vitro

One third of the world’s population infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is the principal causative agent of the widespread disease, tuberculosis (TB), among human’s beings. It comes second to HIV as a cause of fatality worldwide. Globally, in 2011 World Health Organization (WHO) reported that the incidence rates of TB about 8.7 million case, of which 1.4 million not healed and died and also document that, annually 3 million person die due to TB. Iraq occupy the fifth order among middle east countries infected with TB and about 3 thousands die due TB.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis- In Vitro

WHO and Ministry of Health of Iraq (MOH) record that the incidence rate of TB decreased after during the period from 2011- 2014, the incidence rate is 45 case for 100,000 people (from 2005-2010 the is incidence rate 64 case for 100,000 people). Malnutrition person and those with low socio-economic status are targeted by TB and the main strategies to compact this devil can be achieved via good nutrition and high level of personal hygiene. Tuberculosis still the major public health problem and emergence of multi-drug resistance TB (MDR-TB) and extensive drug resistance TB (XDR-TB) among M.

Tuberculosis(resistance to first and second line drugs respectively) push the scientist to investigate the effects of many oils and plant extract as alternative medications. In 2013 approximately 5% of patients infected with TB develop MDR-TB and about 9% of that MDR-TB has XDR-TB.


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