Monitoring and Control of an In-House Steam Power Plant

One of the major and most inevitable forms of energy for the modern human race is Electricity. Its absence is enough to put the existence of several socioeconomic infrastructures to question. It is easy to handle, simple to transport and is very versatile. This trait makes it the most desirable source of energy. There are various ways of generation of Electricity, namely, Thermal, Hydro, Geothermal, Nuclear and many more. Here, we will be discussing about the Steam Power Plants, which can be classified under Thermal.

Steam Power Plant

Steam power plants play a key role in electric power generation. Therefore the Rankine steam power cycle is one of the most important cyclic processes used in industry. The efficiency is up to 45% with recent technological advancements.

The working fluid is Water. The advantage of this type of power plant is. It uses the same fluid repeatedly. Firstly, the water is fed into the boiler, where it is heated and eventually turns to vapor phase. This steam produced by the boiler is directed to do work on the turbine to produce mechanical power in the form of rotation.


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