Toxicological Evaluation of Gum (Galactomannans) Isolated from Senna tora Seeds

Seed gums are vital food hydrocolloids used globally in various food and pharmaceutical industries. The rising industrial applications of these gums in the area of paper, textile, petroleum, food and pharmaceutical industries has resulted in an impetus in India for intensified research on new sources of gum and their derived products. These gums are normally stable at a wide pH range and have good interaction abilities with organic, inorganic and food constituents. They are biocompatible, cheap and easily available. Natural materials have advantages over synthetic ones since they are chemically inert, nontoxic, less expensive, biodegradable and widely available. They possesses excellent binding, suspending, emulsifying, thickening stabilizing and water-holding properties and could be utilized for the preparation of pharmaceutical dosage forms like tablets, syrups, suspensions, lotions, ointments and for sustained drug release systems.

Senna tora Seeds

Gum isolated from the seeds of Senna tora L. is common herbaceous annual occurring weed throughout the India. It is also commonly known as ‘Sickle Pod’. Literature survey revealed presence of various phytoconstituents such as anthraquinone glycosides, naphthopyrone glycosides, flavanoids and phenolic compounds in different parts of Senna tora plant . Several medicinal properties have been credited to Senna tora in Indian system of medicine. The seeds of Senna tora have been used in Chinese medicine as aperients, antiasthnic, diuretic agent and also improve the visual activity. The Senna tora leaves extract has been found to exhibit significant hepatoprotective activity and anti-inflammatory activity.

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