Communicative Competences in Professors and Health Professionals Education: an Exploratory Study

The aim was to verify students’ opinion regarding communication competence in health education. Methods: This is an exploratory study, with data collected by questionnaire applied to a sample of students from a University in Southern Brazil. Participants included 71 students of graduate schools in biomedicine, physiotherapy, speech therapy3, and audiology and 54 students of postgraduate, Master and Doctoral degrees in health science. All students signed the informed consent document and answered a specific questionnaire developed for this study. Results: Data were analyzed using content analysis, which is characterized by the observation of communications through objective and systematic procedures of message content description, and also by indicators that allow the assumption of knowledge about the inferred variables of these messages. From a total of 125 participants, 106 (84.8%) were women, with a mean age of 24.8 years (SD=0.41). 119 (95.2%) individuals considered the necessity of communication activities in academic education. Communication skills considered most important were “content expertise”, “adequate speech rate” and “adequate speech articulation”.


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